Book on Yoga Celibacy

  The realisation of God (brahmajñana) is a realisation of the unlimited consciousness as one’s own true Self. The complete realization of Godhead is not possible without maintaining the threefold purity (purity of the body, the nadis, and the mind), as well as practicing devotion and surrender to the Supreme. Purity is necessary for achieving success in the practice of holistic yogic celibacy, which implies control over one’s sexual instincts, transcending sexual thoughts and attaining freedom from desires related to physical pleasure.

   The Evolutionary Force (Kundalini Shakti) comes to be awakened through the threefold purity, concentration of the mind and the revelation of truth; which are the result of practicing spiritual techniques, surrender to That which transcends us, and knowledge, respectively. However, this Shakti (Primal Power in Man) remains dormant if an individual wastes their own sexual energy each time they feel it (when it is aroused). Real spiritual development, therefore, depends on how well you are able to sublimate sexual energy.

   The sublimation of sexual energy (yogic celibacy, brahmacharya) implies diverting its downward flow upwards, up the spine, towards the brain and the crown energy centre. Earthly marriage and physical oneness cannot last forever, nor do they lead to true fulfillment. Brahmacharya (yogic celibacy) is a gateway to attaining ultimate truth, peace (shanti) and bliss (ananda).

    Brahmacharya (holistic celibacy) allows the spiritual aspirant to achieve greater material success, emotional independence and greater spiritual achievements. Brahmacharya leads to better health, increase of enthusiasm, as well as a more youthful and attractive appearance. An individual practicing yogic celibacy can easily achieve the ability of deep mental concentration and immersion into deep meditation.

   An individual practicing brahmacharya achieves physical and psychological strength and attains psychological powers unattainable in any other way. Such an individual becomes independent of the body and the mind. The perfect brahmachari gains dominion over body and mind, and the ability of conscious astral projection at will, as well as the ability to perceive anything from any time or space. They come to be raised/elevated to higher states of existence and experience the highest state of being (samadhi).

   You can find some of Swami Brahmajñanananda’s (who has been teaching yoga aspirants since 1988) notes and considerations on brahmacharya in the chapter Final notes in the Book on yogic celibacy, in his article “Radost i moć celibata” (The Joy and the Power of Celibacy) and in some of his other written works. Open up to That which transcends your sensory perception, your mind and your individual consciousness… May the Grace of God descend upon you… May the Evolutionary Force guide you toward the Supreme Consciousness!

Book on Yoga-Celibacy

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